FEMALE Talks To: Omar Apollo As He Head To KL For The First Time!

At just 22 years old, Omar Velasco, also known as Omar Apollo is making huge waves in the music industry.

The multitalented chap first started singing in his attic in Hobart, Indiana and not only does he sing but he can also play the guitar and produce his own music too! Thanks to his 2017 song release called Ugotme, things started to brew and today, it is almost easy for anyone to get themselves hooked on to his songs.

His R&B-meets-funk songs are capable of making you want to fall in love all over again even if you’re already in love. Personally for me, the best time to listen to his songs are at night before going to bed as it makes me ponder about a lot of things. I was in luck when I got a chance to speak to him at the Bentley Music Auditorium last Saturday and here’s all you need to know about this rising star! 

FEMALE: How does it feel like doing an Asia Tour for the very first time? 

Omar Apollo: “It feels amazing, I’ve always wanted to go to Asia. I’ve never been on that side of the world so I’m interested in seeing what the culture and environment is like. I have some friends there and they’re definitely going to show me around.”

F: That sounds cool! What can your Malaysian fans expect from you since it’ll be our first time watching you perform live?

OA: “Expect the unexpected. But actually, expect a really fun show and expect to dance! I’m always moving around and it is extremely fun when the crowd is moving along with me too.”

F: My favourite songs from the Friends EP are Trouble and So Good. Can you share with us a little more about these two songs?

OA: While Trouble is super emotional, So Good has a really upbeat tempo. I usually make the type of music that I’d want to listen to and So Good is one of them that makes me want to move.”

F: What was your favourite part about creating this EP?

OA: “Just being able to express myself and try new things out. I think my sound really elevated with it.”

F: What inspired you to explore the funk-soul genre in Friends?

OA: “Around the time I was making it, I was inspired by legends like Rick James, Prince and the Bee Gees to name a few. I really wanted to try something and I was very inspired by funk music at that time and it felt so good to be able to produce this genre.”

F: What usually comes first? The lyrics or melody? 

OA: “It’s always the music first, then the melody, and then only the lyrics.”

F: Please do share with us a little about your journey so far after the release of Ugotme

OA: “I started making music in 2017 and soon started playing at small house shows. Towards the end of 2017, tickets to my first show in Chicago was sold out and that had a little over 100 people. And in 2018, everything just started to grow, especially after I released my first EP STEREO. By the end of 2018, my show at the Metro in Chicago was sold out and I saw about 1,200 people attend that. That’s when things got crazy. After which, I released another EP, Friends and did two more tours in North America and Europe. Now I’m in Australia playing at a travelling festival and then later this month I’m going to Asia for the first time. It’s still very weird, but I’m so thankful that music has allowed me to do this.”

F: Is there a special place you head to when you write or record? 

OA: “Not really. I just go about my normal daily routine.  Recently it’s been in hotel rooms, I just have my set up and make music there. But when I’m in LA, I either go to the studio or just make music in my room.”

F: What’s it like for you on your day off when you’re not touring?

OA: “A normal day for me is usually just making music during the day and at night I’ll go out with my friends. Nothing that crazy (laughs), touring is tiring.”

F: Lastly, what would you like to say to your Malaysian fans who are eager to watch you live next weekend?

OA: “It’s gonna be the best show you’ve ever been to! (laughs) Get ready to dance and sing along.”