FEMALE Exclusive: Amanda Giese On Why Adoption Matters

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Amanda Giese, founder of Panda Paws Rescue and the new face of Animal Planet’s series Amanda To The Rescue, visited KL last week to promote her new show and here’s what she had to say about what rescuing animals in need means to her.

Throughout this brand new season of Amanda To The Rescue, readers will get to witness as Amanda launch large scale rescue missions across the country to save dozens of animals with major or special needs from being euthanised. She travels from overcrowded shelters in California to Puerto Rico with a dog rescue operation in need of assistance in their recovery efforts after hurricane Maria. This show will also see the 35-year-old Washington native, along with her husband and two children, help animals-in-need get the second chances and loving forever-homes they deserve.

FEMALE: Welcome to Malaysia! Can you start by telling us what your new series on Animal Planet is about?

Amanda: “Yes! So this is a 10-episode series that focuses on what I do with my non-profit rescue (Panda Paws Rescue) and it also shares the limelight on some of our partners and what they’re doing. We all have very different platforms, so the show really showcases a variety of ways to rescue / run sheltering systems or private rescues like my own. You’re going to see us go around to quite a few locations but you’ll also see the in-home rescue side of it too – where we come back with animals, work through their medical needs, finding them families and eventually their adoptions.”

F: What made you start Panda Paws Rescue?

A: “Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew that I wanted to do something with either animals or children. Originally my goal was to be a neonatal cardiac surgeon but as I got older and ended up having children while being a single mum, I decided to switch my focus to the veterinary world. It allowed me to work 12-hour shifts and be home to take care of my kids. So it kinda just happened based on how my life was at that moment but I love it. I started rescuing when I was in elementary school and it just stayed with me ever since then.”

F: Do you remember your first rescue?

A: “My first rescue was a kitten and her name was Jane Doe. She was very very tiny, probably the size of an egg or a lemon. She had a lot of flees and was anaemic, so I took her in and got her warm. My vet told me “I don’t think she’ll survive, but if you put the time and effort into her, I’ll put the money into it.” I took on the challenge and I ended up raising her until my twenties.”

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