5 New Cafes You Need To Visit Now That Are Loved By Local Food Instagrammers

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There’s nobody better to seek some recommendations on must-visit cafes in town besides our local food Instagrammers!

Making a decision on where to eat is always a struggle. In all honesty, this doesn’t come as a surprise since our country is known for its amazing food scene. From local street eats to cosy cafes, the choices are endless. And for someone who’s greedy for wanting the best of both local and international cuisines, the dilemma in choosing a suitable place to dine at is real.

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My girlfriends and I started hitting cafes in and around town since they’re the perfect dining spots to satisfy all our needs. Their relaxing interior and incredible menus never fail to amaze us. However, with countless cafes each with their own unique selling point mushrooming in and around town, it’s always handy to have some recommendations on which one to go to.

Fret not if you can’t find a good spot to dine in with your friends. These local food Instagrammers who are always on the hunt for the next best dining spots in town have shared their recent favourite cafes with us and the menus certainly look appetizing! Here are the five new cafes to visit for a scrumptious meal and remarkable dining experience.

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