Crème De La Crème Turns The Tokyo Restaurant’s Signature Burnt Cheesecake Into An Ice Cream!

If I had to name a dessert phenomenon this year, it wouldn’t be bubble tea. Instead, my pick goes to Crème De La Crème, a sweet little ice cream parlour slotted away in the increasingly bustling Damansara Utama row of shoplots.

I make my pick not just for Crème De La Crème’s artisanal, beautifully-crafted ice creams and intricate ice cream petit gâteaux that have rightfully captured the sweet tooths of Malaysia, but for the team’s relentless pursuit of dessert innovation and partnerships that leave me stunned each time.

Following their stunning ice cream mooncakes, their “Beauty Ice Cream” and most recently, their partnership with kawaii superstar Hello Kitty, their latest collaboration takes the cake – literally.

In partnership with The Tokyo Restaurant, Crème De La Crème has created an ice cream version the restaurant’s equally famed burnt cheesecake! And the results are just as delicious as you’d imagine!

Tokyo La Crème (RM13): Cheesecake in ice cream form. Cream cheese ice cream with actual chunks of The Tokyo Restaurant’s burnt cheesecake, stirred in. Think cheesecake, only colder,and faster to melt in your mouth.

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake (RM14): Inspired by the charred, caramelised crust of the burnt cheesecake, this burnt caramel ice cream is more refreshing than sickly sweet, with a smoothness and richness that’ll have you diving in for more scoops.

You can find these two new flavours at both Crème De La Crème’s Damansara Utama outlet and at The Tokyo Restaurant itself. At The Tokyo Restaurant, you’ll also be able to enjoy a special plated version of the Burnt Caramel ice cream, served alongside a slice of the burnt cheesecake itself and drizzled with hazelnuts and caramel.

This is by far the most indulgent and enjoyable way to devour The Tokyo Restaurant’s signature dessert – the smooth, creamy richness of the cheesecake is a perfect match for the Burnt Caramel Cheesecake ice cream’s more tempered, bitter-sweet flavour and a mouthful of both feels akin to eating the most decadent creme brulee, without ever being overwhelming.

The new CDLC x The Tokyo Restaurant ice creams and plated cheesecake are available at both restaurants now, so you know what to do!