Time For An Eco-Friendly Bathroom Switch Up

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Photography: www.mavenandgrace.com

After weeks and months perfecting my own skincare routine and sticking to products that are suitable for my skin, in the midst of it all, I noticed that I’ve been using a ton of facial cotton pads on a daily basis. It got me thinking, “How many cotton pads have I wasted?”.

For a rough estimation, every day I would use about four pieces – one to apply toner in the morning, two to remove my makeup in the evening, and one more to apply toner before I call it a day. Which means I use about 120 cotton pads for every month and that doesn’t include all the extra ones I use to remove waterproof makeup. I say that’s a lot of cotton pads wasted!

So I made it a mission to look for an alternative that I could reuse again and again. After some research, I found that I could actually make one using organic fabrics and it looks pretty easy to DIY. With that, I’ve looked into what other things I could switch up in the bathroom for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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