Celebs Like Hyun Bin & Taylor Swift Are Using Their Star Power To Lift Spirits

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Musicians are using their star power to raise funds for those affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic – or simply to raise spirits. They include singer Elton John hosting a livestream concert with top acts performing from their living rooms and cellist Yo-Yo Ma offering comfort with classical pieces on social media.

These concerned celebs were quick to remind and encourage the public to keep our fighting spirits up in this critical juncture of the COVID-19 disease. Let see what they have to say.

Hyun Bin

Photography: Her World Singapore & KissAsian

Crash Landing on You actor Hyun Bin wrote a warm message to all his fans saying: “I’m aware that as a result of the coronavirus, which has spread through China, Japan, Korea, as well as the entire world has caused your days to be filled with worry and anxiousness. I’m writing this letter to ask if you’re in a safe place. Just like how we always cheered each other on and overcame crises as difficult as this one, I’m hoping that the COVID-19 situation comes to an end soon.

“I’d also like to thank those who are working day in and day out to defeat this virus, and cheer you on until the end. And to those who are suffering from the virus, I hope you recover as quickly as possible. I hope that all of you reading this letter protect yourselves from the virus, and I’ll continue to pray that this comes to an end soon.”

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