Look What This Girl Did to Her Work Table for Christmas

Spending the holiday season at the office wouldn’t be so bad if we came in to this.

Christmas office decorations are pretty much a norm; nothing to be too surprised with. But Imgur user nk28 who works at an IT company (not a local one) sure got us gaping at the efforts she made for her (and her colleague’s) personal workspace; she made it into a life-sized gingerbread house!

gingerbread office workspace 1

Here’s the before shot. It’s a standing desk where the chair is just used during breaks.

gingerbread office workspace 2

She made the ‘roof’ with 6 rolls of brown craft paper all taped together, and painted the pattern on it. FYI, she did this in her dining room. Talk about bringing work (not!) home.

gingerbread office workspace 3

But what’s a roof without support, right? And speaking of support, a co-worker actually bought her chicken wire for it while she used wrapping paper tubes for the support inside the workspace.

gingerbread office workspace 4

Draped the cloth over the wire and voila!

gingerbread office workspace 5

It looks so cosy inside. According to nk28, the height of the roof worked out perfectly with enough overhead space.

gingerbread office workspace 6

And no gingerbread house is complete without a fireplace (didn’t the one Hansel and Gretel visit have one too?). So, she put ‘one’ in between her and her colleague’s desks.

gingerbread office workspace 7

Here’s her coworker’s side of the ‘house’. We’re seriously jealous of her right now.

gingerbread office workspace 8

They even get a tiny mailbox and an address sign!

gingerbread office workspace 9

Here’s the other side of the house. BTW, we doubt Santa can fit through that chimney.

If you’re thinking, “OMG, this girl has too much free time,” or “Doesn’t she have work to do?” – rest assured. She wrote, “I do plenty of work, this was mostly made in my FREE time (breaks, lunch, PTO, and personal time at home) and assembled in my free time at work.”

Besides, it looks like most of her office is in on the whole elaborated Christmas office decor, as seen in the corner of the above picture. In fact, she added a part 2 to her post to showcase the rest of her office’s cubicle decorating efforts:

christmas cubicle decorations
christmas cubicle decorations 2

christmas cubicle decorations 3
christmas cubicle decorations 4

christmas cubicle decorations 5
christmas cubicle decorations 6

christmas cubicle decorations 7
christmas cubicle decorations 8

christmas cubicle decorations 10

via Imgur

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