Here’s How To Give Yourself A Break

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Find yourself trying to achieve every goal set by the company by yourself? Maybe you have the Superwoman Syndrome but don’t worry if you’re stuck in the stress zone we’ve got something for you!


Though it may sound like it, Superwoman Syndrome has nothing to do with comic-book superheroes. Rather, it’s a term to describe overachieving women- women who make it their absolute priority to do everything and to do it to perfection.

If you feel like you’ve been taking on more than you can handle, the best thing to do is to just stop, according to Joel Low, clinical psychologist and Director of The Mind Psychological Services and Training. Too many times people feel that they are obligated to do things. It’s vital for you to decide for yourself the things you have to do versus things you want to do. Learn to say no, and learn to say stop. You’ll find that slowly, but surely, you’ll start to find yourself again.

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