Great Places to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Clothes in Malaysia

It doesn’t all have to go into the rubbish truck.

While we may not have four seasons in Malaysia, spring cleaning seems to be a year-round affair. And why not? Clutter can be bad for the mind, and decluttering can help reduce stress and free up more space for new clothes! Still, it’s not to say that we’re endorsing any shopaholism.

Rather, there are just some clothes you regret buying (and end up never wearing), some clothes that just don’t fit anymore, and some clothes that have clearly been worn for FAR too long. And none of them needs to end up in your bin.

We round up some of the places you can pass on your unwanted clothes for the greater good in Malaysia:

where to dump unwanted clothes malaysia

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 For clothes that are in GOOD condition 

1. DONATE: Jumble Station, The School @ Jaya One 

Linked to Parents Without Partners (PWP) Bhd, which helps single parent families, Jumble Station is a place where you can donate a variety of unwanted items that are still in good condition — even clothes. The items will then either be given to the needy single parents or sold at Jumble Station where the profits will be channeled to the single-parent families.


2. DONATE: Clothes4Dawah bins, various locations

These recycling bins that are scattered in places like Bangsar or Kota Damansara surely make the most convenient drop-off system. They accept both new and unwanted clothing that will go to the homeless, the needy and charity homes. You can also dump in clothes that are in bad shape as these will be recycled and sold to exporters who will ship the material to third world countries, thus helping to create “micro-economics and job opportunities for them”. Funds received from the recycling effort will go to the Mercy Mission projects.


3. SELL: Duriana app, available on both iOS and Android

Social marketplace apps like Duriana are becoming a thing and we can see why! Just upload a photo of your unwanted clothing and fill in the details — item listing done and then all you have to do is wait for any interested buyers. If you don’t want to access it via your mobile, there’s also the desktop edition.


4. SELL: Carousell app, available on both iOS and Android

Another social marketplace app, Carousell describes their service as a place where you can “sell your pre-loved items in 30 seconds”. See, it really is that easy. Oh, in case you’re wondering how you actuallysell them, interested buyers will just start a chat with you or leave a comment with enquiries.


We also recycled the clothing and sell the rest to exporters who ship the material to third world countries like Indonesia, Cambodia which in other ways help the poor by creating micro economics and job opportunity for them
So in other words,nothing are being wasted and this help save the earth.
The funds we received from the recycling, helps Mercy Mission projects to become self sustainable such as Charity Rights, New Muslim Care , Play & Pray and National Zakat foundation.


 For clothes that are in BAD condition 

5. RECYCLE: H&M Malaysia

Yup, the initiative is still on-going and it’s really the best place to dump your stained, tattered, or plain worn out clothes because you can get a discount voucher in exchange!

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