5 Ways To Achieve Your Career Goals!

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Having issues at your workplace? Don’t just bottle up your feelings! We reveal five ways to overcome your problems and to achieve your career goals


“How long do you think you’ll stay at your job?” my friend Sasha* asked me one afternoon.

“I’m not sure; a few years?” I replied, before posing the same question to her. She explained that she was considering quitting her current job. “I’ve been stuck in this position for three years, my salary hasn’t increased, and I feel more like a slave than a paid employee,” she complained.

It turns out that Sasha isn’t the only one to feel this way. In a 2015 survey conducted by JobStreet Malaysia, 74 per cent of Malaysians said they were unhappy with their jobs because of factors like low salaries, lack of career growth or dissatisfaction with corporate management. Out of that, 57 per cent of respondents expressed their desire to resign in the next year.

On the flip side, Malaysians have also shown that given the right circumstances, they’re totally open to job loyalty too. Tom Osbourne, regional director at recruitment firm Hays Malaysia, reports that “as long as staff members are offered stimulating work and their career continues to advance, most will stay.” However, if they think they’re not getting what they want or deserve, they’d rather leave.

It’s not all up to the employers though; no one’s a mind reader after all! If you want to help yourself get ahead in the corporate world, here are some tips that might just be useful:

Be everyone’s buddy

Don’t become the office suck-up, no one will like you! This just means building rapport with your co-workers. Spend time getting to know them on a personal and professional level, maybe even partake in some fun activities with them after work or on the weekend (yoga or brunch, anyone?). This way, if there’s something you want to get involved with in, they’ll know that you’re a trustworthy, enthusiastic and capable candidate. Some might call it schmoozing; we call it getting ahead!

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