The ‘F’ Word At Work

Did that ‘F’ just get your attention? It just means femininity.

CEO and Co-Founder of Heidi Nazarudin describes what being a female truly means to her and how she feels women should be proud of themselves.

“You throw like a girl,” is an old insult and all the other references to women being weak or ineffective are…well, old. Times are changing, but here’s how I think using your love for style and trendy clothes would help you in your daily life as well as be a source of identity.

Women in workplaces have always been so acceptable in their variations. Men have long staked their claim as leaders of the business world, but let us remind them that the idea of yin and yang existed for eons. Women exist as complementary, interconnected and interdependent forces to men in the workplace. Being feminine or womanly is an asset and shouldn’t be squelched. Let’s look at our other feminine strengths by dissecting the acronym for WOMEN:

W is for willing is a generalisation (but for good reason) that men are considered to instinctively react to enquiries with “no” while women react with “yes”. Women are hardwired to not only please but also look for solutions that benefit the community at large and not just the individual

O is for own it Be who you are and embrace your femininity. Wear what you want if it reflects who you are. Don’t shy away from feminine attire; don’t shy away from masculine suits if you prefer them. You have every option as long as you wear it with confidence

M is for management Women are generally known to be better managers, especially in terms of managing finances and people

E is for empathy Women can empathise with others. You have a great capacity to relate to your co-workers, staff, clients, boss, and reach an understanding about what they really want and need

N is for notice Women are able to notice nuance more quickly. Is that client becoming more distant? Is your boss quick to reach negatively – is there trouble at home? Attention to detail is important in any business.

Women are hardwired to any number of positive qualities that can be used as an advantage in the workplace. Don’t relinquish your power, and more importantly, never shy away from the F word.

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