Don’t Waste Your 7 Seconds To Make A Good First Impression!


The first impression is crucial when it comes to meeting new people, whether it’s at a new workplace, meeting clients, making new friends, meeting your partner’s parents for the first time or going on a blind date. It can either make or break you. If you’re not sure how to tackle the situation, don’t panic yet! According to a study, it only takes about a tenth of a second to make a good lasting first impression on someone. You might tell yourself that if the first impression doesn’t work out, you’d still have the next chance. Right? Of course, you can but not without extra effort. According people have to work twice as hard to change other’s first impression of them. At the end of the day, it’s all about connecting and making good first impressions.

From clothing to posture, from talking style to body language, FEMALE presents 7 tips to get you results!


1. Be You!

Leaving a good impression doesn’t mean you have to be somebody else. People often mistake being impressive as leaving a good impression. Well, that may be true in some scenarios but leaving a good lasting impression means showing your best self to others whilst impressing other people requires you to mold yourself to fit into their expectations. So just be you but a better version of yourself!


2. Physical Appearance

When you meet someone for the first time you know you look at the way they are dressed. We are all visual creatures whether you want to admit it or not. Although nobody should be told what to wear but when you dress to impress, it’s a sign of respect as you dress appropriately according to the settings or your situations and it shows that the other person means something to you. The dress code varies from culture to culture. So whether it’s an office setting or a first date, you’ve got to look your best from head to toe!


3. Sincere Smile

A smile is a sign of friendliness, it eases people to open up to you more and make you more approachable. Don’t put on a fake smile no matter how dull and boring the situation might be. A fake smile not only looks unnatural but it can give people the creeps. But don’t go overboard with your smile cos that also creeps people out. Remember it all starts with a friendly sincere smile!


4. Eye Contact

When talking to the other person, try to maintain a moderate amount of eye contact. This action will bring a sense of intimacy and evokes a positive connection with us. They’ll see that you are interested in the conversation and shows some confidence in you. Studies have shown that when you have a good eye contact with the other person, you tend to portray these traits – Attractive, competent, trustworthy, sincere and confident as mentioned. Those are the things you want them to remember you by. So it’s time to look up!


5. It’s how you say it

Sometimes we worry so much about what to say but actually no matter what you talk about how you do it makes a whole lot of difference. You could be talking about something very interesting but if you mumble in the process, talk too fast or softly, no one’s going to give you the time of day. Deliver your speeches in a steady calm flow. Give yourself a pause of one or two seconds before answering. Avoid monotonous tones and go for a slight raise and dip of tone to deliver your message, a moderate rise in volume would be good as well. Now the way you say ‘Hello’ is so important!


6. Perform a two-way communication

A conversation requires both speakers to interact with each other. Remember to not take on the conversation solo and do all the talking or vise versa. Sure it’s great to talk about yourself, your achievement and big ideas but you don’t want to come off as a self-centered chatter box. A good communicator is one that talks listens and respond and repeat. It’s good to engage the others to give their thoughts and listen to what they have to say and then respond to keep the conversation flowing. Also, lean in when the other talks to show that you’re interested in what they have to say.


7. Give compliments

Every now and then slip in some compliments in the interaction. This can bring the other person at ease and bring one another closer. Don’t just compliment their physical appearance cos may seem superficial so maybe go for their style of dressing. Remember everyone loves a compliment. If they’re kind enough to give back the compliment, you’ll get a bonus confidence boost!

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