Coolest Offices You’d Want to Work at in Malaysia

With their artistic interiors and awesome ‘facilities’ (Xbox, anyone?), the employees at these workplaces can legitimately hashtag #perksofmyjob.

When it comes to the coolest offices to work at in the world, who wouldn’t vote for one of the Google offices? Well, we’re not too sure about Google Malaysia since we haven’t had a peek inside (edit: we just got to visit their office!). Still, there are many other creative workplaces in Malaysia that believe in beanbags and game rooms; let’s take a look at a few!

They call it ‘The SAYS Secret Hideout’, but we call it ‘outta-this-world’; just like how their CEO Khai Lee envisioned it to be when he first discussed ideas for the renovation of the office with Kech Design Studio, who headed the project. With high ceilings and use of raw materials, it definitely gives off a loft-like vibe instead of a dreaded OMG-back-to-work feeling.

says my office secret hideout a

Love the vintage touch of that grill gate. Also, notice how their ‘lampshades’ are actually wastebins?

says my office secret hideout b

A TV with an Xbox plugged in, a comfy sofa and a daybed? This beats working from home, that’s for sure!

says my office secret hideout d

The SAYS Secret Hideout recently expanded their office and thus, more goodies have been filled within! Besides elevated meeting rooms and more cozy corners to get their mojo ON, ping pong and foosball tables have also been installed! Now, this is one office we won’t mind hanging out at.

Groupon Malaysia

While the SAYS Secret Hideout is more chillax, Groupon Malaysia’s office just screams FUN! Definitely lots of young energy in this place from the photos. Like, who would have thought of naming their board rooms ‘Boredroom’?

groupon malaysia office a

An almost 360 degree view of PJ’s cityscape and personalised ‘mailboxes’? Definitely a thumbs-up!

groupon malaysia office b

It also comes equipped with beanbags, ping pong and snooker tables, a TV and an Xbox! Dealing with stress won’t be a problem at all, although procrastination might be. ;)


Nuffnang/Churp Churp Malaysia 

Last, but not least, we’ve got THE Nuffnang/Churp Churp’s KL office and this made us realise one thing: bean bags are a default in these cool offices because they have them too! In addition, trendy offices apparently either come with brick walls (as shown in the previous two examples) or colourful ones like Nuffnang’s bright orange.

nuffnang office malaysia

They don’t just have an Xbox, they have a Wii too! Guess they can get their exercise fix with Wii Sports then.

nuffnang churp churp office malaysia 2

As the company grew, there was simply not enough orange space for everyone so they took over the next door unit and turned it into a swanky extended office, where some of the departments are given their own rooms. For example, Churp Churp’s team gets the ‘Birdie’s Nest’ and they did it up real nice with a photo wall and decals!

So, which artsy office do you like best? What other cool workplaces do you know of in Malaysia? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

Photos via Facebook, Groupon Malaysia Blog, Kech Design Studio, Nuffnang Malaysia Blog,



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