An Afternoon with Satira and Farah from KEK & Co.

It’s about time we push the spotlight back on these two talented ladies who were responsible for the unicorn cake phenomenon in Malaysia.

KEK & Co was founded by friends Farah (left) and Satira (right).

KEK & Co was founded by friends Farah (left) and Satira (right)

The smell of chocolate batter and butter cream filled my senses as I entered the home of Satira Diana, 34, earlier this month. You might have seen KEK & Co’s gorgeous drip cakes circulate on Instagram and just like most of you; we at FEMALE couldn’t help but wonder what goes down in her kitchen.

I had an opportunity to sit down for a chat with both Satira and her baking partner Farah Melissa, 29, and here’s what I managed to learn about the dynamic duo.

Drip cakes are Kek & Co.'s signature style Photo: Instagram, @kekandco

Drip cakes are the girl’s signature style
Photo: Instagram, @kekandco

1. They both had their own baking business prior to KEK & Co

Prior to this, Farah and Satira had their own baking companies called Raindough and Pearl respectively. They used to be friendly competitors and baking buddies. It was only one and a half years ago, Satira approached Farah to collaborate and soon after, KEK & Co was born. “I knew Farah loved to bake and I liked to decorate cakes. We both have different signature styles, which was what made me realise we’d be great partners,” explained Satira.

2. Baking was never something they envisioned doing full-time

The similarity between the two ladies was that they both started selling cakes to generate side income. Farah, who studied accounting, used to sell cakes at bazaars, which is where she got her first big sale. Satira on the other hand only enjoyed creative arts and ended up working as a broadcast journalist, radio news reader and TV host. It was her media friends that used to help her promote her cupcake business, which she was doing part-time.

The first picture of Satira and Farah's attempt at recreating @jennaraecakes's unicorn cake has been liked more than 10.6k times on Instagram!

Satira and Farah were overwhelmed with surprise by the response they got from their first unicorn cake on Instagram. Truth be told, they never expected it to be such a hit!

3. They never want to stop learning

One of the most exciting opportunities they’ve had since starting KEK & Co was planning a ‘cake trip’ to Australia. “We attended a few workshops and met top bakers from Sydney and Melbourne. It was an eye-opening experience to learn how the industry works over there. We also got to try a lot of different cakes; Farah doesn’t like eating cakes, so I ate most of them.”

4. Making do with what they have is what they’re best at

Believe it or not, most of their baking tools can be easily found at hardware stores! “There was a Game of Thrones cake we had to do once, and we didn’t have the mould for the dragon’s scale. We were looking around the house when we saw that our pencil cup has that exact same texture we were looking for. So we ended up using that to create the design.” Although they do admit to splurging once in a while on tools that can only be found overseas.

Need a little festive cheer? Kek & Co's special Xmas edition cakes (Si Rudolf or Cik Unikorn) are the perfect remedies! All you need to do is email to place your booking.

Need a little festive cheer? KEK & Co’s special Xmas edition cakes (Si Rudolf or Cik Unikorn) are the perfect remedies! All you need to do is email [email protected] to place your booking.

5. Baking tips they would like to convey to us…

Farah: Bake ahead so that your cake isn’t too soft to work on. Never, ever frost your cake when it’s warm.

Satira: You don’t have to be culinary trained to decorate a cake as there are so many ideas on the internet you can gain inspiration from. Learn how to improvise based on what is assessable to you, work within your means and don’t be too ambitious if it’s your first time.


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