8 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

Like why they micromanage or ignore your emails.


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Sometimes things happen at work and all we can wonder is what our bosses think about it. Or when we’re presenting in a meeting and the manager doesn’t look up? Is it something we did wrong or is he bored already?

We got real-life bosses to spill the beans on what they really think during office hours and you’re going to want to read it!

1. Why we sometimes ignore your emails

“I get more than 100 emails a day. It becomes a game of listing them in terms of importance, from the most important to the least, and replying accordingly. Sometimes, I ignore the less-important messages completely.” – Clement*, 27, Marketing Director

2. Why we micromanage

“Fear… if things go wrong, I can’t blame my team. The responsibility is all on me. That’s why I prefer daily project updates even though they can be time-consuming.” – Kelly*, 49, Managing Director 

3. Why we keep track of when you arrive at and leave the office

“If someone constantly works overtime, it either means he’s inefficient or I’m giving him too much work. If it’s the latter, I redistribute the workload.” – Shane*, 34, Regional Trade Marketing Manager

4. Why it’s just about what you do at work

“I’m friends with some of my subordinates on Facebook. Knowing more about their personal lives can help build camaraderie at work. For example, shared hobbies could make it easier to bond with one another.” –Shane  

5. How we can tell you’re faking an MC

“Well, it seems quite unlikely for you to call in sick then appear in the office the next day looking like you’ve just had a spa treatment. Usually, we trust our instincts; they tend to be accurate.” – Jamie*, 36, Procurement Manager

6. Why your feedback isn’t always confidential

“If the issues you’ve raised affect someone else or a group of people, I’ll have to let them know so we can see what can be done.” – Janice*, 34, Marketing Manager

7. Why we have our office favourites

“Some staff are good at managing their bosses – they work out what we need and deliver it. Some people are a pain to manage – they constantly complain or ask for a raise every other month. Guess what? We tend to like the former more.” –  Clifton *, 53, Managing Director 

8. What annoys us most when you resign

“If your work is shoddy and you become inefficient while serving out your notice period. It affects everyone on the team.” – Janice


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