5 Steps To Take Before Starting Your Own Business, As Told By An Expert

With her striking blue hair, determined and friendly personality, beauty with brains Genecia Alluora has gone through ups and downs in her career path until she birthed Soul Rich Woman that she’d found her true calling.

The former Miss Singapore Universe 2006 Runner-up has created this platform to help women across the ASEAN region to get out of their comfort zone and guide them through their journey of building a successful SME or e-commerce business.

Creating a business is not easy, Genecia has had first-hand experience where she was faced with two main challenges during her early days as an entrepreneur – no mentorship and no support groups. So with Soul Rich Woman, she aims to give women a magic funnel to help them systemise their business meaning they don’t have to just be in the business but stay on top of it.

The platform has partnered with Facebook and Shopify to create workshops to help women build their e-commerce effectively. Their workshops are not just a one-time thing, in fact, they will do follow-ups with members and attendees, getting in touch with them, making sure they’re heading in the right direction in terms of their business.

“Women empowerment in business is the key!”, Genecia stated. “Empowering yourself is important as you have the power to influence others. You can’t give what you don’t have. I encourage women to be the catalyst for the next women to stand up.”

I had the opportunity to meet with her for a one on one session to find out the key tips on how women out there can start their business successfully.

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1. Change Mindset

“You must be willing to change your mindset and be open to saying ‘yes I want to do it!’,” says Genecia. We often find ourselves with great ideas but we’re always pulled back by the ‘what if’ factor. If you want to start your business and build your brand change your attitude and work towards your goal.


2. Invest in yourself

“Beauty is fleeting, you must invest in the matter above your neck.  So that we can use our knowledge and monetize it. That’s crucial.”. Building a brand for your business is never an easy path even if you’re planning to do it online. With e-commerce, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily task like chores, attend to family members and friends. So if you’re really adamant about your business take some time off for yourself to learn and understand how and what you can do to efficiently run a business.


3. Find a mentor

“Finding a mentor is important because sometimes we get lost in the midst of it. Google can help you do so much but at the end of the day the big questions are ‘where do I start?’, ‘which platform do I go to?’, ‘who do I talk to when I need help?’ and I suggest these three tips when finding a good mentor.”

i. Find a mentor whom you can respect. We all have egos and we all have ideas sometimes when we listen to something that we think contradict with our plan, we just dismiss it or ignore it.

ii. Find someone you can connect with. If you can’t jive together than it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

iii. Find a mentor that has the results that you want. “There are two types of results, direct and indirect results. For example, if you need help in personal branding from offline to online, Soul Rich Woman can be your mentor as I can show good results from my case studies. But if you want to tackle networking you can also use my platform for the indirect results through the community.”


4. Join a community

Join a community who can support you. Soul Rich Woman is a community for women by women. “I don’t drive it myself but I have community leaders who drive the platform to help women out there reach their business potentials,” Genecia explained. “I believe that one woman is strong but together we’re much more powerful.”


5. Take massive action

Often many people treat the route to being an entrepreneur as just another seminar, workshop, youtube video or community. If you don’t take action it will be just that, you’re not moving forward. “The question I always ask is ‘What would happen if I don’t take action now?’. Money is just a resources, it’s not the outcome. So if you can take the vehicle forward, that’s when you can make a change for yourself.” she said.

Visit soulrichwoman.com to join a great empowering women business community and to look out for their upcoming workshops.


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