10 Unwritten Work Rules to Survive at Work

As they say, work smart!

Photography: levo.com

Carving a career isn’t just about getting the job done before your shift is over. You got to learn to become a better co-worker as well!

1. Let your actions talk

Nobody likes an ‘all talk, no action’ kinda person. That’s how politicians tend to be criticized the most, even though in reality they may only accidentally leave behind one minor detail from their campaign promises. To play it safe, let your actions do the talking for you instead.

2. Bend the rules

Once you get the hang of the rules at your work place, find loopholes in order to display your bold attitude and innovation in coming up with results for your task. It’ll surely impress your boss!

3. Have faith in your colleagues

Every good leaders have a set of team members that they can always rely on. Always have full confidence on your team members, even if they may be new in the department. By training your staff members from the ground, they’ll be able to perform better in the future.

4. Love yourself

The Asian culture has taught us to be polite, but sometimes you just need to play aggressive. Before you start picturing a fist fight, let us direct you to the fact that you need to stand up for yourself. For instance, speak out when you’re facing difficulties of being sent off overseas without the proper facilities. It’ll definitely pay off.

5. Quality is number one

Once in a while it pays off to be a perfectionist. Always make time to double or triple check your work to avoid any future messiness later on. Your effort, intention and skills are all reflected on a quality piece of hardwork.

6. Brush off the ego

Being humble is the key word. At times you may find it ridiculous with the way another colleague is tackling a particular task. Don’t let your confidence overrule you though, cos you may be suffering with the workload even worse if you were in their shoes.

 7. Act like you mean it

We’re not all mind readers. To convince clients and the big bosses that you have the strength to carry a job, act confident and dress appropriately when you’re meeting them during discussions. Take all of the positive traits that you see among the big leagues at work and try emulating them yourself.

8. Don’t be a pushover

Being nice always pays off. Sadly being too nice tends to let others take advantage of your kindess. Remember rule no 4? Always put yourself first and don’t let others have the guts of ticking you off during a project.

9. Save the tears for Netfilx

You may have your moments of wanting to burst out crying at the workplace, but instead of gaining sympathy it’ll be a huge red light for your colleagues and your boss! If the need to let off some steam comes up, run off to a private spot and bawl your eyes out. Once that is over with let it go and head back off to work.

10. Mirror your company

As an employee, you’re playing a role in carrying the company’s image. By living up to the values of your company, you’ll be making a good impression towards your external clients and the boss!

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