We Drove Five Volkswagen Cars From Bangsar to Jelebu (and Back!) For The #VWRhapsody Media Drive

Thanks to Volkswagen Malaysia’s #VWRhapsody event, I’ve managed to insert ‘Drive Five different Volkswagen cars in a day’ in my To-Do list just so that I can cross it out and get the kick out of it! Odd or not, as someone who’d rarely enjoy a full-day drive (especially if I don’t have to), this was one fun event from start to finish!

Cool cars, scenic views – plus, when else would I get the chance to mark my favourite Volkswagen car this way?

The course:

Flagging off from Naj & Belle in Bangsar after breakfast, all driver-participants are paired up for our first car. Each duo gets a turn to experience the driving dynamics of a Volkswagen car as we approach different stops throughout the journey. The following pit stops for driver switches include Joran Rimba Tekala Pond in Semenyih, Jeram Toi waterfall in Jelebu, Bros Café in Seremban (where we had lunch) and MAEPS Serdang, then counts the drive back to Bangsar.

The cars (from left to right):

Vento Comfortline

Out of all the Volkswagen cars I’ve driven, the Vento makes the homiest drive. It’s hard to explain in words but specs aside, driving its solid build makes you feel super safe.


Tiguan Highline

The Tiguan makes a beautiful, present-day family car (or not, you decide) – sporty-in-motion, dynamic and not at all shabby.


Passat Highline

Hands down, what me towards the Passat is how sleek it is in look, feel and experience. It’s the real deal.


Golf R-Line

I can imagine myself strutting (driving) in style with this beaut on the road. Superb manoeuvring meets a fab front; you bet the new Golf is a star in its own class.


Beetle Sport

This iconic Volkswagen has been my car of dreams, thanks to Herbie! First car love and all, it has me biased for a bit, but the luxe driving feel in the Beetle Sport in unlike any other. It’s modern, fast and irreplaceable – the Beetle’s going to be missed when it’s gone. (ICYMI, Volkswagen is ceasing the model’s production to give way to new appearances.)



The takeaway:

In Serdang in where I sped a Volkswagen car in zig zags and drove in intense speed to a sudden halt simply to experience Volkswagen’s slalom handling and ABS breaking system. Although made differently for various personas and driving feels, each of the brand’s cars is made with safety and smooth handling hand in hand. Built for a solid grip, driving from Golf to an SUV like Tiguan means that you’d be grounded enough for stability and motion – harsh tracks, high roads or otherwise.


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