Two German Sedans Go Head-To-Head: We Test Drove The Audi A4 B9 And Volkswagen Passat B8

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These two German sedans essentially come with the same engine but feature new advanced tech, improved performance and enhanced aesthetics.

Audi A4 B9 2.0 TFSI

Price: RM248,900 (OTR Without Insurance)

The Audi has made its name in Malaysia for being one of the most sought-after premium rides money can buy, and although the A4 has always been labelled as a ‘man’s car’ due to its size, I beg to differ. Nothing makes us women feel more powerful and empowered than by being behind the leather wheel of a sedan that leaves an impression everywhere it goes!

Let me start by bragging that not only is this ninth-generation A4 fitted with the latest Inline 4-cylinder engine with direct injection, an exhaust turbocharger and Audi’s valvelift system, but it also comes with a seven-speed S tronic gearbox that allowed me to go from 0-100km in just 7.3 seconds! Though the B9 is 120kg lighter than its predecessor, the handling has definitely improved compared with previous models like the B8.5. If your pet peeve is wind noise, don’t worry as the insulation is superb!

If you prioritise looks, then you’ll love the dashboard. Yes, I did think the 17-inch five-parallel spoke design wheels and sporty shape of the car were stunning but I felt the exterior changes were so minimal that many might mistake it for another facelift instead of a full model change. Nonetheless, this can be fixed by opting for the additional S line package at RM25,000.

It was a breeze to drive (especially at night, thanks to the automatic anti-glare action feature on the rear-view mirror), and my friends adored the manual blinds on the rear door windows too, which came in handy in the scorching heat. In all, the A4 can probably be categorised as ‘affordable’ considering its looks, features and that I only need to sell one (not both!) kidney to be able to pay for it right now.

Price: RM248,900 (OTR Without Insurance)

The all-new A4 comes with a 7-inch screen, six-channel amplifier, 10 loudspeakers and a minimalist centre console equipped with highlights around the cup holders!

The front LED headlights not only come equipped with LED daytime running lights but also an automatic headlight range adjustment dynamic feature.

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