Check Out The Car Robert Downey Jr. Custom-Built For Chris Evans

We just can’t with the bromance. Also, where can we find a friend like that?

Photo: Robert Trachtenberg for People Magazine

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers might not be on good terms when we last saw them in Avengers: Infinity War, but the actors playing Iron Man and Captain America sure are.

Chris Evans is set to appear on this Thursday’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage (a motoring-themed web and television series which stars the former The Tonight Show host himself) and he’s brought a special gift along!

According to a newly released promotional video for the episode, Jay Leno is seen introducing the 1967 “grigio verde” (a military-green colour specially created for Chris) Camaro RS to viewers and explaining that Robert Downey Jr. was very much involved in helping put the car together. Dave Salvaggio from SpeedKore Performance then came into frame to elaborate that Robert hand-picked the classic car as a gift to Chris – complete with a customised Captain America logo on the steering wheel!

Photo: YouTube @Jay Leno’s Garage

Dave spilled that the heritage car was gifted to Chris on set of Captain America: Civil War and that the interior was intentionally custom-made to resemble Steve Rogers’s iconic leather jacket in The First Avenger.

Not only does it look good, it drives great too thanks to its supercharged LS3 engine that’s connected to a four-speed automatic transmission. It truly is a one of a kind American beauty (given it’s an American classic) made for the man who plays a character that embodies the American Dream.

Watch the below sneak preview to see if Chris Evans is as good at drifting as he is being our favourite super-soldier!

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