FEMALE Tries: The All-New Honda BR-V

We take the full seven-seater crossover for a joyride in Bangkok city.

Presenting the new Honda BR-V!

The ability to drive is both a blessing and a curse. Why, you ask? Well, having lived in the city all my life, there really is no fun to it anymore, what with the massive traffic jams almost everywhere before and after work hours; driving to me has simply become a means to travel from point A to point B. And let’s not talk about public transportation; you need to muster all your patience, not to mention time, to ride on one! But that’s just me.

For the launch of Honda’s latest offering, the BR-V, I was invited, along with several media members, to Bangkok, Thailand, to test it out last November. Since the vehicle was not yet launched in our country, Bangkok proved to be the right place for the test-drive as it has similar road and traffic conditions to Kuala Lumpur; so driving there wouldn’t be too different for us.

Early on a Tuesday morning, we were presented with the cars before we drove out of the city for an hour to the town of Nakhon Pathom for lunch, before driving back.

The glorious BR-V under the morning sun

Three of us to a car: we took turns driving

First impressions

I drive a regular four-door sedan on the daily but have always been a big fan of bigger cars like the SUV. Sure, they usually come with the notion of being a ‘mum car’ but at 175cm tall, I feel more comfortable and confident in a higher vehicle. The design of the BR-V is definitely one you’ll love. With the body of an SUV and the space of an MPV, the crossover is a sleek option with an active appearance for the modern-day urbanite. Even though it boasts seven seats, it doesn’t look overly bulky. It also has one of the highest ground clearances at 201mm, which makes driving it pretty fuss-free as you won’t have to worry about getting caught on high floor surfaces or even rocks or ruts. Additionally, it has excellent leg and headroom coupled with spacious and practical, leather-trimmed interiors.

The stylish, leather-trimmed interior

The drive

Powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC engine, which produces 120 horsepower, the vehicle was compliant and almost effortless to drive with easy manoeuvrability for the city. As we drove towards Nakhon Pathom, the roads became narrower and bumpier yet the ride wasn’t the least uncomfortable due to the vehicle’s amazing adaptability and suspension ability to absorb undulations well at low and high speeds.

Overall verdict

For a car this size coupled with the surprisingly-affordable price of RM92,800 at full specs, the BR-V is a steal, especially if you’ve a big family! Having test-driven this car in the city definitely changed my perception of driving and how enjoyable it still can be at times. Time for an upgrade!

If you’d like to book a test drive, visit any Honda dealers nearby or call its toll-free number at 1800-88-2020. For more info, log on to www.honda.com.my

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