Behind every successful woman is…

…a tribe of other successful women who have her back!

Ever saw another woman get beaten up by her partner or be discriminated in front of colleagues and asked yourself why couldn’t she stand up for herself?

As much as some people may feel intimidated or a little less secure by their achievements, the truth is that most of the discrimination we face as women can be solved if we stand up for one another. According to a research done and posted on Harvard Business Review in February 2019, it was reported that women achieved executive positions with the highest level of authority and pay when they had an inner circle of close female contacts, despite having similar qualifications to men including education and experience. Based on this, it is quite clear that women who help other women climb the corporate ladder end up becoming more successful as compared to men who have the same position and are in the same circle of friends.

This year, BluInc put together a short film to emphasise the importance of a strong female bond and to urge all of us to come out from our comfort zones and to help one another achieve what we’re fighting for. Soo (Jasmine Suraya Chin), Geetha (Sangeetha Krishnasamy) and Mia (Sharifah Sakinah) each have their own individual problems. As soon as Mia’s husband crosses the line and tries to hit her, Soo and Geetha quickly jump in to stand up for Mia, which gives her and them the strength to stand up for the right things that they deserve in life.

To spread the word to other women out there about the importance of coming together, standing up and speaking out for each other, we want you to show your support by uploading a picture of you and your gal pals in front of the interactive walls that we have specially prepared for you at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

These walls will be up from 6th March 2020 to 5th April 2020 at various spots in the mall and you’ll stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Here’s how you can be in the running to win one:

Contest 1: Take creative pictures

We have five walls located in various locations in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur at Level 3 as well as the Dining Loft on Level 7. Take a picture in front of these walls and five (5) creative winners will stand a chance to win Fossil products (a wallet and a luggage tag) and Kose products worth RM500 each (10 winners in total).

  • Don’t forget to include these hashtags: #bluincIWD2020 #pavilionkl #GalaxyS20 #kosemy #fossilmy in your post and make sure your profile is set to ‘Public’ for us to view the pics!
  • Contest duration: 6th March 2020 to 5th April  2020. Winners will be announced on 8th April 2020.

Contest 2: Tag a friend on the video that we posted up on our Instagram @femalemag

  • Tag a friend who has made a difference in your life and tell us how she has supported you in the past. Don’t forget to include the hashtags: #bluincIWD2020 #GalaxyS20 #kosemy #fossilmy in the comment.
  • Ten (10) winners will each win a set of Kose products worth RM600 (2 sets worth RM300 each: one for you and one for your friend).
  • Winners will be announced on 27th March 2020.

Contest 3: Repost our BluInc IWD Video

  • All you need to do is repost our video onto your social media accounts and include the hashtags: #bluincIWD2020 #GalaxyS20 #kosemy #fossilmy in the caption.
  • Five (5) winners will stand a chance to win Fossil prizes worth RM500 each (a pair of sunglasses and a luggage tag). Don’t forget to set your profile to ‘Public’ so we can see it!
  • Winners will be announced on 27th March 2020.

Director & Producer Nisa’ Halid Story & Screenplay MariniMat Zain Assistant Directors Afiq Khairudin & Yusairi Fitri Leading Cast Jasmine Suraya Chin as Soo, Sangeeta Krishnasamy as Geetha and Sharifah Sakinah as Mia Supporting Actors Syasya Syantini Paramasvaran as Boss, Farhana Junaidi as Senior Qaiyum Aiesha as Mia’s Husband, Zam Osman as Soo’s fiancé and Christy Yoong as Client Prop Master Afiq Khairudin Styling & Wardrobe Sri Azni, Johan Kassim and Arie Sempornak Makeup/grooming Sahir Sabri Hair Yusof Ruzaimi Cinematography Por Jia Jun, Shafiq Abdullah and Syafiq Sazaly Video Editing Por Jia Jun Logistics Qistina Jafril Sponsors Samsung, Kosé and Fossil

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