8 Simple Acts of Kindness to Make the World a Better Place Amid the Pandemic

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As the world faces the most challenging and intense crisis since World War II, this is the time for us to stand united more than ever and exercise empathy.

Although there is much panic and fear, there is also positivity and kindness. We see light in good samaritans who are doing their bit to make the situation better despite the hardships that everyone is dealing with. Here are eight simple ways on how you can shower kindness and make a difference to the lives of others as we get through this difficult time together.

Photography: Clay Banks via Unsplash


Acts of kindness always starts from within. As COVID-19 continues to affect everyone, spreading hatred is the last thing that anyone needs. Although the current situation is upsetting and frustrating, leaving mean comments and racist remarks online will only lead to negative consequences. If your fingers are itching to type comments that are malicious, put your phone away and focus on something else instead. Divert your attention to yourself and your loved ones. Don’t spread hate. Choose kindness.

Photography: Gilles Lambert via Unsplash

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