6 Ways To Get The Best Sleep You Deserve

When was the last time you woke up fresh after a good night’s sleep? Still thinking? It’s about time you try out these tips for some quality zzzs tonight.

1. Serotonin on speed dial

Start sleeping better by eating the right foods that are trigger-happy with serotonin. Simply add fruits like a fresh banana, plums, and pineapple, and produce such as turkey, eggs, beef and fish, cheeses, milk ad wholewheat pasta to your shopping cart this weekend.

Tip! Try having dinner five hours before bedtime; anything lesser may affect your sleep cycle!

2. Bat cave your boudoir

Yes, please! Your body’s circadian rhythm registers the dimness and darkness around you as ‘snooze time’, so test this theory by turning off the lights at bedtime tonight in exchange for a well rested night.

3. Nail your nightcap

For some, a glass of warm milk works wonders as a pre-bedtime treat, for others, a glass of wine might do the trick (no judging!). If you must, pair it with dinner around 6-7pm so it relaxes you in time for bed at a decent hour instead of interrupting your sleep.

4. Stretch it out!

Are you so over that long and stressful day that’s left you in an agitated mood and tensed up? You’d be surprised at how a 10-minute yoga session or simple stretches help you relax whilst relieving muscle knots to enable you to sleep like a baby.

5. Curb your caffeine-for real!

We lost count of how many times this tip has been repeated like a broken record! We’re not asking you to cut out your latte or fave tea-time treat, but if you must, have it with your lunch or latest around 3 pm. After all, caffeine could stay in your system for up to 12 hours or so – eek!

6. Digital culprits

We’re all guilty of being social media prowlers – in bed – to (ironically!) wind down and fall asleep when all they do is keep us more awake! It’s a no-brainer but leave all your tech toys out of your reach – anything after 10 pm (business or personal) can wait until tomorrow.

Did you know? Screen time (that includes time spent in front of your computer monitor, smartphones and tablets) before bed reduces a melatonin (a natural hormone that helps you regulate your sleep cycle) levels – time to shut off!

From the print edition.

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