5 Ways To Get Back Into Shape Post-Pregnancy

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While it may seem hard, getting back in shape post-pregnancy can be done if you give yourself time and take it easy.

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This might not sound like that big of a deal to most mothers out there, but one of my biggest achievements thus far is having a baby. I mean, what a rollercoaster of emotions that whole experience was (and still is). One day you’re peppy and the next, you’re lower than you ever thought possible. Then there’s how intense your body changes are after giving birth. I had a loose tummy that shocked me every time I looked into the mirror (in fact, I avoided looking into it when I showered!), and it the unrealistic image of Hollywood celeb bodies post-partum did not help make me feel better. Remember how amazing Irina Shayk, Behati Prinsloo or even Gal Gadot (who shot Wonder Woman while she was five months pregnant, btw) looked merely weeks after delivery? I mean, come on!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being a mother and it’s rewarding in so many ways! And while it may seem hard, getting back in shape can be done, only if you give yourself time and take it easy. It’s been seven months for me, and while I’ve yet to completely shed all my baby weight, I can now fit into my old clothes again without feeling like a bloated mess. Here are the things that helped.

  1. Breastfeeding

What was initially a struggle has turned into one of the things I love most. That moment when your baby stares into your eyes while he’s feeding is the best feeling ever. On top of that, breastfeeding burns calories, as much as 300-500 in a day, and you’re practically lying down while you do it. The only downside is that it makes you hungry all the time.

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