5 Top Activities To Do In New South Wales For An Epic All-Girls Getaway

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The bushfire raging across New South Wales early this year was one of the biggest devastations Australia has faced. Now, the state is ready to get back on its feet. Following the launch of the social media-led campaign ‘Now’s The Time To Love NSW’, much of the region is opened and is ready to welcome tourists. And if you’re eager to lend a helping hand to the affected communities, travelling to the region is the best way to do so!

Of historic villages, captivating city life and dramatic landscapes, New South Wales offers various travel experiences that are perfect for an all-girls getaway. Besides Melbourne, many travellers love visiting the region’s capital city of Sydney. It boasts stunning beaches, interesting museums and galleries, and a remarkable food scene nobody can say no to. However, it’s also wise to not limit your adventure to the Harbour City.

Can’t decide where exactly to go in New South Wales? We’ve got all the reasons to convince you that these five destinations are a must-visit!

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