5 Food Trends You’re Likely To See Everywhere In 2020

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Every decade (or year) calls for a change in food trends. From healthy avocado-everything to sinfully delicious salted egg chips, many dishes were seen cycling in and out of popularity in the past decade. Though it’s not as easy as asking a crystal ball for a clear answer on what’s set to be popular on the dining table in months to come, food trends are usually pretty predictable based on purchasing patterns and what the food & beverage industry will be rolling out.

Photo: Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash

With the surge of public’s consciousness towards a healthier lifestyle, it seems that many people are leaning away from indulgence and splurging more on plant-based and clean food. Never cared about your gut health? You’ll soon be seeing lots of information on how to take care of your gut health. And those nights where you and your friends would hang out over glasses and bottles of alcoholic beverages? Perhaps it’s time to put them down and reach out for a non-alcoholic beverage instead.

Behold, here are the predictions on what we’ll be seeing often in food menus this year.

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