5 Female Figures’ Quotes On Empowering Women

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From pay inequality to anti-choice regulations in certain countries, it’s not always easy being a woman. In a society where social media and vanity largely dominate the culture, women are still constantly facing issues with the way we dress, the things we should and shouldn’t do, and occasionally being criticised for the words we say.

With the topic of empowering women taking the centre stage across the globe as well as the celebration of International Women’s Day, it’s crucial to note the importance of this movement and achieving gender equality in creating an inclusive and open society.

Empowering women doesn’t only mean giving them equal rights but also encouraging them to build confidence and possess the self-worth and freedom to master their own destiny. While society is slowly moving forward to advance women’s empowerment over the years, it’s still not uncommon for women to receive criticisms for breaking stereotypes.

Sometimes, all we need is just some friendly reminders on how incredibly powerful women are, especially when we stand together. These female figures have utilised their social image to shine a light on the movement and here are some of their best quotes to remind you that we are stronger than we think.

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