4 Easy Ways To Travel To These 3 Countries Virtually

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Bring travel back to your home with these activities that you can enjoy that doesn’t cost a single penny.

While we’re stuck in the safety of our homes before the travel ban is lifted, there are many things we can do to utilise our time wisely. Even though there’ll be no flights out for us to jet off to somewhere for a holiday, there are still many ways we can experience travelling. It may be impossible to have an all-rounded travel experience from indoors, but we’ve got a few tricks you can explore to enjoy different travel elements of these countries.

Pick your favourite destination from one of these three and let’s go on a holiday!


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Our neighbouring country is home to some amazing architectures in the world, such as the Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge and the Esplanade. Of lush green spaces, bustling hawker centres and inspiring art cultures, here’s how you can experience Singapore’s varied charm from your home.

1. Go on a virtual run around Marina Bay

Since we’re spending all our time indoors, it’s important to find new ways to remain active and exercise frequently. Join in and follow the track of this virtual run which allows you to soak in the sight of Singapore’s bustling Bay area as you virtually run from the waterfront to Gardens By The Bay.

2. Learn the secrets to making your own Singapore Sling

You can’t say you’ve visited Singapore if you haven’t had a sip of their world-renowned Singapore Sling. The internationally-recognised cocktail was created by bartender Ngiam Tong Boom at Raffles Hotel in 1915 as a lady’s drink, hence, the pink hue. This elixir of gin, cherry liquer, triple sec, bitters, pineapple juice, cherry juice, lime juice and grenadine sounds like a complex tipple to shake up at home. But fear not, because you can now learn how to do this from Aron Manzanillo, head bartender at Raffles Singapore’s Long Bar.

3. Watch a home concert by Singapore local musicians

While you’re sipping on your homemade Singapore Sling, why not tune in to a free broadcast of musical performances or concerts. There are streaming available from the Esplanade Offstage, Singapore’s most renowned jazz musician Jeremy Monteiro, or seasoned Singapore musicians Jack & Rai.

4. Explore Singapore experiences virtually

Singapore Philatelic Museum often organises special exhibitions and now you can enjoy those past events digitally on their website. Besides museums, you can also tour the inside grounds of St Andrew’s Cathedral and feel like a royalty in the stately rooms and halls of The Istana.

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