3 Coworking Spaces In Malaysia With A Twist

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The world saw its very first dedicated coworking space in 2004 in the US. Just 15 years on, and coworking spaces have become an established way to work, opening up opportunities for both small businesses to start up and for large-scale multinational companies to expand across the globe.

Right here in Kuala Lumpur, coworking spaces have exploded over recent years. (We even had the chance to review a bunch of them!) There  are so many to choose from, we won’t blame you if you’re having trouble picking where to make your new homebase.

Read on for three coworking spaces that all bring something new and different to the table!

1. Headspace: Pay per minute

If you can’t commit to the monthly membership plans of more coworking spaces, try Headspace instead. Located in the college district of Subang Jaya, Headspace charges RM0.20 per minute, with a flat rate capped at RM18 per day. There are no contracts: just walk in, work, and pay when you leave. Flexibility and ease are the key here.

It’s a small comfortable space with only 55 seats, feeling more like a cafe or someone’s very stylish living room (only more condudive for work) rather than a traditional coworking space. Unfortunately, the presence of a gym in the floor above means that your work day will almost definitely be interrupted by the incessant loud thudding of inconsiderate buffoons who throw their weights back down on the floor.

Still, bring a good pair of headphones and you should be fine. Being contract-free, all seats are hot-seats, but a variety of seating styles are available: whether you prefer to work at a desk, at a kitchen island, sprawled out on a couch, or even on the back of a big stuffed animal.  Beyond that, the space is surprisingly no-frills: there’s a meeting room and wi-fi, but no print, fax, or phone facilities that you may see at other co-working spaces.

Did we mention that snacks and drinks are free flow here? Help yourself to a range of cookies, cakes, ice cream, coffee, tea and more for free!

(And yes, owners Jessie and Thresa acknowledge that technically you can come in for five minutes, stuff your face with all the free food and leave, but they say that if you need food that badly, they’re happy to take the loss and treat you. Now how can you not want to support that?)

A: Headspace Malaysia, 1, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10 am – 12 am (Monday-Saturday); 2 pm – 12 am (Sunday)

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