16 Day-To-Day Lessons We Learnt From Our #FEMALECOOLMUMS

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The Second-Time Mum-To-Be

Siti Hariyanti Sarbini, 34

While most women might feel a little uncomfortable about revealing why their past relationships didn’t work out, Siti is happy to reveal her story because she believes that it has moulded her into who she is today. “It was because my ex-husband and I had a 29-year age gap and her wanted to relax but I was at the peak of my career and wanted to achieve my goals. I left my daughter, Maryam Ridhwani, behind with my ex-husband when she was four and went ahead to pursue my career as a flight attendant with Qatar Airways for four years but in 2016, I quit my job. I came back to Kuala Lumpur, got married to my best friend and am now expecting my second child,” she shares.

Lessons we learnt from Siti:

  1. Let go and let things happen naturally

“Even though Maryam is only nine years old, I’ve never forced her to call her stepdad ‘dad’. I believe that by giving her this freedom, she’ll have the confidence to make her own decisions when she grows up.”

  1. Never take things for granted

“Motherhood taught me to separate my money into long and short-term investments. I have friends who can’t leave their jobs today because they don’t have enough savings and can’t let go of the high life.”

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