11 Bad Kitchen Hygiene Habits That Could Be Making You Sick

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These kitchen habits might seem harmless at first but they can really leave you sick.

Prior to the COVID-19 situation, we spent most of our time working in the office. However, now that all of us are working from home, many of us are using this opportunity to channel our inner Masterchef skills to whip up hearty meals. But take a look around your kitchen. Are you practicing good hygiene in your kitchen as well?

If you’re wondering why you or your loved ones fall sick frequently, perhaps it’s time to check your kitchen habits. Certain habits may seem pretty harmless but they might be slowly introducing germs and bacteria into your body.

We’ve rounded up 11 common bad kitchen hygiene habits that everybody’s guilty of from time to time, and what you should do instead so you and your family can stay healthy and illness-free.

1. Defrosting meat on the countertop

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We admit that everyone is guilty of this sometimes, but contrary to popular opinion, the kitchen counter isn’t the best place to thaw out frozen foods. This is because room temperature actually speeds up bacteria growth and allows millions upon millions of harmful microorganisms to flourish.

Instead, thaw meats overnight in the refrigerator and reduce your risk of getting food poisoning.

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