10 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook Account Now!

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Facebook has the largest number of users amongst all social media platforms. According to the data from indy100.com, Facebook has over 1.8 billion people on it, larger than the population in China (which has the largest in the world with more than 1.4 billion people). It might as well be another country!

With that number of people on the online platform, protecting your privacy is crucial. Everything and anything you post could be used for malicious purposes by strangers or worse, by someone you know.

According to an analyst, getting your personal information doesn’t necessarily mean the obvious phone number, even questions asked on one of those ‘Ask Me 10 Questions’ posts e.g. the name of your first pet, what’s your middle name or your favourite book can actually be used to hack your account(s)  as these are often used as password security questions.

In the name of a safer and more secure environment on Facebook, here are 10 things you might want to consider removing from your favourite social media profile:

1. Birthday

Right, we all secretly want people to know our birthdays so we can receive all those birthday wishes. However, one’s birth date is often used as a password or PIN number in whole or in part because they’re easy to remember. Your birth date can also easily be linked to your bank accounts and personal details.

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