10 Lessons We Learnt From Vivy Yusof – Oh And Happy Birthday Vivy!

Happy Birthday Vivy Yusof!

Image: @vivyyusof

Turning the big 3-0 is a milestone on its own and we know for sure she’ll gleefully prance through the future with vigour! They say the 30s is where you’ll be the most content and by clocking the beginning and ending of a new decade we wish you nothing but happiness and success.

Being a mother, business woman, wife and icon, it’s gotta be tough but she always seem to handle it all pretty well even though she has her ups and downs. After all, she’s human too guys. She’s definitely an inspiring role model to many people out there and with that here are 10 lessons we picked from Vivy’s honest, inspiring and funny blog, PROUDDUCK.  Let’s all try applying them in our daily lives!

1. On Marriage

“Things get so routined that you just overlook how much you mean to each other. So if you’re reading this, go to your husband and give him the biggest hug just because.” I’m Back!

Image: @vivyyusof

2. On New Perspectives

“It was really nice bouncing off ideas and challenges with strangers; those who could contribute because they know how it feels or they have been there before.” – My Standford Experience

3. On Friendship

“What binds this all is just one thing in each of us – sincerity. Quite honestly, that is rare and hard to find. But guess what, instead of waiting for friends to be sincere, you can be the starting point of this and start loving with all your heart, without expecting anything back.” – New Husband, New Baby

Image: @vivyyusof

4. On Technology

“Don’t put your phone away. Instead, use it for the good to capture moments of happiness in your life.” – Don’t put Your Phone Away

But that being said…

5. On JOMO

“Enjoy social media but never let yourself be pressured by it… and most importantly, look up and start living real life a bit more.” – Look Up

6. On Success

“Whether or not you get recognised for what you’re doing, if you truly believe that you’re doing good for others (and yourself), never stop. Always remember why you started.” – Getting Recognition

7. On Self-confidence

“Accept the differences and let your personality shine instead” – When I Don’t Feel Good In A Scarf

Image: @vivyyusof

8. On Insecurities

”Don’t let insecurities doubt your choices in life because your insecurities are just distractions swaying you away from the prize.” – When I Don’t Feel Good In A Scarf

9. On Looking Back

“Always keep momentos!” – Report Cards

10. On time

“It’s so important in a marriage to allocate time for just the 2 of you.” – Don’t Tell Daniel


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