10 Conversation Starters For Couples Who Have Run Out Of Things To Talk About

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After the courting and dating period is over and years have passed, chances are, you’ve exhausted all the topics you have to talk about with your partner. If you’ve been together for so long, you kind of feel like you know everything about your boyfriend. This is why, when you’ve run out of topics, you start to wonder if things in your relationship have hit a stale point.

The truth is, these things do happen and there will be times where you and your partner just naturally run out of things to talk about. In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to settle into a routine of just doing things together. But fret not, if you’re trying to add that bit of spark back into your relationship, we’ve got some talking points you can start with so you don’t always have to sit in silence.

1. “What are you most passionate about in life that no one else knows about?”

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Think you know everything about your partner? You could be wrong! Asking a question like this one could open up a side of your man that you’ve probably never seen. Even if he doesn’t have a particular passion, he’s probably got dreams or an aspiration that gets him going.

The most important thing for you to do when having these conversations is to listen without judgment, no matter how unreliable his dreams, passion or aspirations might be to you. Opening up can be a daunting experience, so it’s highly important to make the other party feels like they’re being heard and appreciated for what they’re sharing.

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