Who Should You Vote For? GE14 Campaign Promises Women Should Care About

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Election fever for the upcoming General Elections is well and truly under way, and campaigning has begun in earnest.

In the (probably unlikely) case that you still aren’t sure which party deserves your vote, here are the promises from both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan that women should care about.

First of all, what do both parties think of women?

Barisan Nasional (BN), the current ruling coalition, recognises that the women of Malaysia are “important national assets”, and have decided to prioritise the development and well-being of women in their national agenda. Earlier in the year, they did announce that this year would be one of female empowerment, so this is a logical continuation of that. They plan to continue providing and refining ecosystem that is friendly to women and families.

Pakatan Harapan (PH), the opposition coalition, also acknowledges that women play an important role in every aspect of life, and so wish to strengthen the rights of women in Malaysia in a number of ways. Being a party with a fair amount of female representatives, this isn’t a surprise.

Great sentiments, but let’s see exactly how they plan to help us women in more detail, according to their campaign promises. While it’s tempting to think that promises are just promises, campaign manifestos are actually a good way to gauge a party’s values, which section of the demographic the parties are catering to, whether they’ve been listening to citizen concerns, and whether they can think critically to come up with solutions to those concerns.

On the World Economic Forum’s annual Gender Gap Report, a globally-accepted scale of gender parity, a country is measured on four factors: the standing of women in the economy, education, healthcare and politics, and we’ve divided the campaign promises accordingly.

malaysia gender gap report

Malaysia’s performance on the 2017 Gender Gap Report! (Source)

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