Team FEMALE On Women Empowerment

We see the terms “female empowerment” thrown around a lot, especially in the month of March.

But women empowerment – like women, like feminism – is diverse and can change depending on the person. Here’s what it really means to us:

1. “The ability to see and think differently is what women empowerment means to me. It’s a wonderful thing to experience although it might be underrated sometimes. More women should be able to experience this kind of freedom at least once a lifetime!” – Nabila, Writer

2. “It is about never needing a man. It is being able to take control of my own life, my rights, my body and the ability to feel stronger, confident and most importantly, equal.” – Tammy, Features & Lifestyle Writer

3. “As women, we have the ability to rise time and time again despite falling down hard. It’s our capability to heal that makes us become brighter than we once were.” – Sarah, Beauty Editor

4. “Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, shows us that women are just like men and able to be a leader instead of being just another female leader. To me, it is all about being who you want to be without getting discriminated in any way.” – Su Min, Graphics Designer

5.“To me, it means equal opportunity by acknowledging our differences – but never made to feel less because of it.” – Yi-Di, Senior Digital Writer

6. “While the term can mean something completely different everywhere in the world, to me it stands for the opportunity given to make one’s dreams come true, no matter the effort, time and place. Along with it come greater strength, confidence, resilience, self-worth, knowledge and ultimately, success.” – Mei Ling, Editor

7. “It’s about teaching young girls and women that helping each other grow can make big changes in society and most importantly, your gender isn’t an excuse for not being able to do what you want.” – Rachel, Special Projects Writer

8. “I feel that women empowerment is about breaking the stereotype that dictates what a woman should and shouldn’t do, and giving us opportunities that are on par with everyone else for us to master our own destiny.” – Elaine, Digital Writer

9. “Women empowerment in my eyes simply means the ability to use the ‘soft side’ of you to give back to other women who need that extra strength and to toughen yourself up to face whatever life throws at you without worrying about what people might say.” – Vasenta, Features & Lifestyle Editor

From the print edition.