What’s the One Thing You’d Want to do in 2017?

  • It’s Make Up Your Mind Day!

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As we come to the end of 2016, we all wish to get a fresh start next year. Making new resolutions (on top of this year’s list) and adding more items to your bucket list seem like a really tall order to do in a year. Since it’s Make Up Your Mind Day, lets celebrate it by narrowing down your list of things to do in 2017 to just ONE concrete goal that’s measurable and achievable. Team Female picked out their number one goal to achieve for the next 365 days (with difficulty).

“For me I guess it’s to write in my diary/planner daily. Not just for the first few months and then neglect it the rest of the year! LOL.”

– Yang Mei Ling, Editor

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“Wear heels because I just realised my legs look nice in ’em and I have less than 10 pictures of myself in heels. So good luck to me :)”

– Vasenta Selvanayagam, Deputy Features and Lifestyles Editor

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“For one, I’d like to be healthier in 2017 – eat lesser fast food, drink more water and exercise more!”

– Joan Kong, Senior Fashion Writer

Photography: thegoodwebguide.co.uk

“I’d like to do more thrift shopping and be more like @baddiewinkle! Cos she’s fearless in fashion and that way I can be fashionable yet thrifty AND be a smart consumer”

– Fairuz Nadia, Fashion Writer

Photography: @baddiewinkle

“I’d really like to go skydiving. Just cos it’s a year of change. I need totick off some stuff off my bucket list!”

– Ilicia Alias, Special Projects Writer

Photography: stillstoked.com

“I’d like to start being more money savvy – that means cutting down on my shopping addiction and cooking more at home. So I can travel big the following year *giggles*!”

– Alya Zulkernai, Editorial Assistant

Photography: grindtv.com

“In 2017, I want to save up for a trip to Bali with my best friends! I’ve never been there, and I hope that if I get to go, it’ll be a memorable trip. Besides, it’s something to tick off the bucket list.”

– Arielle Yen, Editorial Assistant

Photography: favim.com

“Since I have one semester left to go, I’m looking forward to give it all I’ve got before my graduation. After that, I’m pretty much looking forward to all the new adventures awaiting me out there.”

– Nadrah Kamal, Intern

Photography: syrupdenver.com

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