Here’s How Common Ground’s Pet-Friendly Jaya One Branch Works

Every day is Bring Your Pet To Work Day at Common Ground Petaling Jaya.

It’s no secret that the FEMALE team is a huge fan of co-working spaces. From the first time we did our round 0f reviews of the biggest co-working spaces in the Klang Valley, we’ve since seen even more spaces pop up, with some even catering to more niche and specialised needs. Whether it’s for moms with kids, or foodies, it seems like everyone has a co-working space designed for them. Except, perhaps, for pet owners.

Until now.

Common Ground’s latest branch in Jaya One is pet-friendly! Yes, that means you’ll be able to bring your pet to work with you!

When we got news of the nation’s very first pet-friendly co-working space, we were thrilled (of course) but we also had tons of questions. How would it work, making sure that all of its 370 members and their pets remain happy and productive? Don’t worry, Common Ground has thought of that and more. A comprehensive set of rules keep the space running. Most notably, not all pets are allowed in.

According to Common Ground’s house rules, the only pets allowed in are rabbits, small cats, and dogs that weigh under 10 kilograms. That rules out almost all dogs but toy dogs.

Beyond that, all pets must also be owned and housed by the pet owner for at least 30 days, obedient, well-trained, potty-trained, non-aggressive, clean, and preferably spayed or neutered. If the pet misbehaves three times or becomes overly aggressive, their owner may be prohibited from bringing the pet to Common Ground PJ again. They will also be responsible for any expenses and cleaning resulting from their pets’ behaviour.

Owners must also keep their pets from entering pet-prohibited spaces such as other members’ offices, the second floor, places with electrical equipment or material, areas with food, and meeting rooms. As all pets must be leashed in the space, Common Ground has provided indoor pens that small breeds can be kept in and hooks for leashes. If your pets need to stretch their legs, Jaya One’s The Square nearby is a pet-friendly, airy, and covered outdoor space with a dog toilet. As for those who prefer to work without the distraction of pets, the second-floor is pet-free space.

Other house rules:

• Pets must be on a leash at all times.
• Pet owners are 100% responsible all the time for their pets’ wellbeing, behaviour, and biological needs, including: scooping, bagging, cleaning, and sanitizing as needed.
• Pet owners must register their pets with the Community Team prior to bringing them into the work space. All pets must be registered with DBKL, with copy for official certificate. Microchipping is not necessary, but preferred.
• Owners must sign the Pets at Work Pledge acknowledging that their pet is healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations & treatments.
• Pet owners must maintain a homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy that does NOT exclude bites or have specific breed exclusions.
• Pets must be at least 4 months old.
• Pet owners must clean up after their pet goes to the bathroom outside. Waste should be disposed of properly in a trash receptacle outside.
• Pets must be well-socialised to ensure their time spent frolicking is happy & healthy.
• Members are not to feed other members pets at Common Ground.

For prices, more information, or to book a tour, visit Common Ground’s official website.