FEMALE Tries: Burger & Lobster at Resorts World Genting

Warning: #foodporn ahead!

Resorts World Genting has been going through a massive expansion and transformation since 2013 to welcome the world’s first Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park, and in conjunction of the development, they’re introducing the brand-new SkyAvenue that will serve as the main lifestyle and dining hub. We were invited to review some of the new entrants, including the buzzed-about Burger & Lobster from the UK!

First stop: Motorino

The pizza chain may not ring a bell, but trust us when we say that the Brooklyn-based pizza place has the New York Times seal of approval. One of New York’s best authentic Italian pizza restaurants, do you know that the wood ovens are directly imported from Italy? Their first store in Malaysia (besides Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore), the 372 square-meter space is all about emulating America in the ’20s.

Motorino offers over 20 toppings that can be added onto existing pizzas!

Clockwise from top left: amatriciana pizza, pepperoni pizza, popolo pizza and meatball pizza

Unlike the pizza joints here, Motorino’s 12-inch pizza – which is perfect for one if you’re hungry – has a softer and chewy crust, no thanks to their finely-milled pure wheat flour. Not to mention, their pizza strikes the right balance between crust, sauce and cheese. We sampled a slice of each of their best-selling options without feeling jelak!

Our fave: the pepperoni pizza – we like Motorino’s take on the classic by adding some cili padi into the mix for extra kick!

Next stop: Cafés Richard

The no.1 coffee roaster in France has opened their first café at Resorts World Genting, and the 263 square-meter space definitely exudes a Parisian vibe. Serving a good cup of coffee is definitely one of their main focuses, and from French presses, coffee cocktails to tea cocktails (for non-coffee drinkers), you’ll be able to find something that you like.

One of the items that got our attention? Their high-tea set that will satisfy your sweet (and savoury) tooth! (If you wanna opt for a full meal, Cafés Richard also has a selection of appetizers, salads, soups, main courses and desserts.)

Last stop: Burger & Lobster

We’d be lying if we say that this wasn’t our most anticipated stop. The first-in-Asia British chain spans across 325 square meters, and the lobsters are flown-in fresh to the hilltop from Nova Scotia, Canada weekly. The interior of the store reflects the signature Burger & Lobster concept and menu, however, to cater to the Malaysian palette, they’ve introduced a special item on the menu – read on!

Customers who order the Big Boy option will get to pick their own lobster (weighed by the grams, of course).

Opt for steamed lobster if you’d like to taste its freshness, or grill them for extra char.

We thoroughly enjoyed the lobster roll – pick from ‘the original’, ‘the chili’ (with their signature chili sauce) and ‘seven samurai’ (with their seven-spice sauce).

Their burgers are made of 100% Australian beef in their custom-baked sesame seed brioche bun.

Our fave: the chili lobster, served with their signature brioche bun – spotted on almost every table while we were there, were no doubt one of their best-sellers. Cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce (without being overpowering), the lobster still retained its juiciness, making us scream for more!

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