FEMALE Talks To: LANY On Their Album ‘Malibu Nights’ And How To Deal With Heartbreak

On a warm Saturday afternoon, I head over to the Mandarin Oriental hotel to meet with the boys of LANY – Paul Klein, Les Preist and Jake Goss – for a quick interview when they were in town for their Malibu Nights Tour.

Photography: Pinterest

I’m not going to lie, I was a li’l nervous and definitely excited prior to meeting them. Last month even marked their third time visiting our lovely home and I had the chance of a lifetime to test out their skills on figuring out our local slang!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s your chance to view it.

Meeting these down-to-earth guys was memorable to say the least, but watching them live for the very first time made me realise why the Malaysian crowd always welcomes them with open arms. With their impeccable energy, a sunset LED background to represent the band and them pouring their heart out, it was an incredible experience. 

While it was great meeting up with the trio and learning each of their individual personalities, I also got down to business and dug deeper: I found out what Malibu really means to the band, how it played a significant role in the album, how to deal with hearbreak, and even some fashion insights!


FEMALE: So first off, why did you name the album Malibu Nights? Why Malibu?

Paul Klein: “We used to live in Malibu and actually made half of our first album, in that house that we all lived in. Later on, these guys (Les and Jake) moved out and I stayed there. So I lived there by myself for about two years and spent a lot of nights at my house by myself in Malibu– kind of reflecting and going through some things. So I thought it was indicative of the nine songs and I thought ‘Malibu Nights’ was the perfect title.”

F: Are you guys working on anything right now?

PK: “We’ve been on tour, basically, every day this year. So we’ll definitely work on album three for the rest of the year after the tour is done, for sure!”

Jake Goss: “We have some stuff up our sleeve.” (laughs)

F: So Paul, do you think your fashion style has evolved over the years? And do you have a fashion icon that you look up to?

PK: “I think Pharrell dresses really well. He’s probably my favourite. I just spent like 30 minutes in the Chanel around the corner in KLCC. It was so cool to see the different things that you guys have here in Southeast Asia as compared to North America. I was really inspired just from that. Back to your question, I hope I’ve evolved. I think it has, I think all of us, we’re always evolving with what we think and how we play in the music that we like, but also the way we dress and you know, I think we’re always evolving and changing and hopefully growing.”


F: Compared to your first self titled album back in 2017, which felt like a more upbeat love story, ‘Malibu Nights’ feels like a ballad with a heartbreaking story to tell. Was this the vibe you guys want to create for the second album?

PK: “I think we just write from whatever position we’re in. Lyrically, these guys let me run with the lyrics and I just write from my own personal experience. But 2018 was kind of tough for me and so I wrote about it. But to be honest, though tempo-wise, Malibu Nights is much faster than our first one. So it’s actually more upbeat but the lyrics are way sadder.”

F: The album felt like your own personal journey from dealing with heartbreak and telling yourself that you survived this but what advice can you give to someone who’s currently dealing with this situation right now?

PK: “Just know that it’s going to pass and that time does heal all wounds. You want to make the most of it and you want to come out the other end a better person than you were before. So I think it’s all about surrounding yourself with good people. I think to find a hobby or something that you’re really passionate about, and just throwing yourself into that, whether it be cooking, reading, writing songs or making content, whether in videos or taking photos. But I would say that you should find something that you’re really passionate about and then throw and immerse yourself in that and then just wait it out and take it day by day.”