6 Tips To Declutter Your Life

The Japanese decluttering guru shares some tricks and tips to a more organised life.


Photo: nymag

The Japanese professional organizer, Marie “Konmari” Kondo has inspired many people (us included) to follow her life-changing tips to living a non-congested and non-cluttered environment with the simple idea of joy.

Her book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ sells the idea that all you need in life are the things that sparks joy in you. KonMari believes that people should live in the present. She explains the reason why we have trouble letting go of our things is either because we are afraid of the future or we want to preserve our past.

To make your life easier, we’ve taken out the instructions for you in these simple steps:

Step 1
Visualize your ideal lifestyle
– It’s not enough to just say you want a tidy bedroom, or a more organized closet. You’ve got to dig a little deeper. For example; with a de-cluttered environment, you’ll have a stress-free space to help you focus more during work. Suddenly that promotion doesn’t look too far off.

Step 2
Tidy all at once
– Cleaning should be a one-time thing; it’s not a daily chore. That’s what KonMari wants us to have in mind. Gather all your belongings and have it all lay out in front of you — and we mean everything!

Step 3
Systematic organization
– Don’t organize your stuff according to rooms but arrange them by categories. Clothes, books, kitchen utensils, art, photographs, and so forth. This is to help you see what items you have in an orderly manner.

Step 4
Does it spark joy?
– KonMari wants you to have one question in mind when you’re starting your journey to de-cluttering your life; “Does it spark joy?” Ask this for each item that you have. If it’s a yes then it’s a keeper, but if you hesitate or answer no then you should discard it or donate it!

Step 5
Say Thank You
– When you’re about to place the discarded items to the left (Beyonce reference, get it?), say your thanks to it. Treat it like it’s a living thing. Thank them for being a part of your life and for serving its purpose in your past. It might be weird to do it at first, but trust us, it’s liberating.

Step 6
Discard before keeping
– Before you tidy up your joy pile, throw your unwanted things away. This is to ensure that you don’t sneak in those ill-fitting clothes that you think you might wear someday. Some things are not meant to stay.

Tips: When you’re ready to put things back to their designated places, tidy it all up according to categories according to KonMari’s order – clothes, books, papers, and then miscellaneous items.

Got it? If this is too much to grasp, here’s a funny clip of Marie sharing her tips in The Ellen Show!

Compiled by: Alya Zulkernai