6 Big Upcoming Online Sales To Get Excited About In Malaysia

Some trends, no matter how they first seize the world, taper off and fade into nothingness. Others take root so strongly that it becomes almost impossible to imagine a world without them as they establish themselves as an indispensable part of life.

Nothing exemplifies this better than online shopping! I’m old enough to remember when eBay was a quirky novelty, and how it opened us up to a world of purchases you wouldn’t normally be able to find in Malaysia– provided you could get your parents to lend you their credit cards.

Now, a decade later, online shopping has become a staple of modern Malaysian life. I make frequent beauty hauls on Hermo, my little brother orders cat food in bulk from Lazada, a friend has drunk-bought a pile of books from Kinokuniya and… well, you get the drift.

And just like real brick-and-mortar shopping, online shopping sites follow a seasonal calendar of sales too! And the last quarter of the year is when they really ramp up the sales with some of the biggest sale events of the year. The best thing? Almost all brands jump in to join the festivities, making it the perfect time to treat yourself after a hard year’s work!

Without further ado, shopping rewards platform ShopBack has prepared a list of the biggest online sales that await you for the rest of 2019!

1. 9.9 (9 September 2019)

Kicking off the list is the 9.9 sales promo, a spin off from the infamous 11.11 shopping day. This is an annual ShopBack event that gathers the digital stores in ShopBack into one platform to celebrate the convenience that the innovative e-commerce companies have brought into the modern world.

2. #MYCYBERSALE (27 September – 3 October 2019)

Organised by the Multimedia Development Corporation, MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia’s biggest online sales event. It aims to bring together online e-commerce companies and to promote e-commerce here.

3. 11.11 (11 September 2019)

Here’s the event that started it all: 11 November, 11.11, and also known as Singles’ Day, is the largest annual shopping day in the world. Each year, it brings exclusive deals and promos to a wide spectrum of shoppers. `

4. Black Friday & Cyber Monday (29 November – 2 December 2019)

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is regarded as the start of the online holiday shopping season. On the other hand, Cyber Monday refers to the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. There are often major price reductions for specific products during the Black Friday sales while Cyber Monday as more site-wide or category-wide discounts. Generally, big ticket items such as laptops and other large household appliances tend to have their prices slashed to almost half their original prices during a Black Friday sale.

5. 12.12 (12 December 2019)

After 11.11, the next online shopping sales to look forward to is 12.12. Falling on 12 December, it is the last major sale before Christmas, so this will be the ideal time to get your Christmas gifts sorted!

6. Christmas & New Year (16 – 31 December 2019)

To close out the year and festive period, expect a variety of sales, promotions and discounts from a variety of brands and platforms.

Sharmeen Looi, Co-Founder of ShopBack Malaysia and Eddy Han, Country General Manager of ShopBack Malaysia

To make it even better, all these sales fall under ShopBack’s ShopFest shopping festival, where you’ll get to earn extra cashback rewards on all your online sales purchases! Altogether, ShopBack plans on delivering 1.5 million vouchers and over RM20 million cashback over this shopping period!

For more information and to get started, visit ShopBack’s website here.