5 Cool Cafés in Malacca You Should Definitely Visit

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Trust us; these five cafés might just make you want to embark on a spontaneous road trip to cure your sudden hunger pangs!

Photography by Raisa Azzam

1. Eat at 18

Where: 18 Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Malacca

Opening hours: 8:30am to 6:00pm, closed on Wednesday

Eat at 18 

Blink and you just might miss this hole-in-a-wall café located near Jonker Street, as the entrance is shrouded by plants and the shop sign is barely visible. Upon entering, you’ll find an intimate dining space, which opens out into a courtyard with a long table, where diners can choose to indulge in savoury or sweet meals under the sunlight.

For drinks, I went with hot chocolate, which came in the form of hot milk with three chocolate truffle balls to dip in and stir to my liking. It tasted just like hot chocolate and what I liked about it most was that I could decide how chocolaty I wanted it to be.

Hot Chocolate, RM12.90

I also ordered the Roasted Chicken Leg, which was roasted on the spot and served with bread and salad. It was surprisingly well done for a dish that involved a very short cooking time, with light crispy skin and tender melt-off-the-fork meat. It also wasn’t too oily or heavily flavoured!

Roasted Chicken Leg, RM28.90

As dessert, I sampled the Victoria Sponge Splendour, a concoction of cream, marmalade, strawberries and blueberries resting atop fluffy sponge cake. The sweet cream blended well with the sour jams and berries, and the texture was actually very light. This is a palate pleaser for lovers of dessert (i.e. me)!

Victorian Sponge Splendour, RM15.90

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