3 Cool Jewellery Workshops in KL You Should Check Out

This time around, we explore three interesting and rewarding jewellery courses offered right here in Kuala Lumpur!

Basic Jewellery Workshop, Elegant Jewellery Studio

Reviewed by Alya Zulkernai, Editorial Assistant

WHERE: 5th Floor, PNB Darby Park, 10 Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

CONTACT: +6012-2672019

WEBSITE: elegantjewellerystudio.com

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“I felt excited to give this workshop a go, especially after I entered the quaint little studio and saw the rows of pearl jewellery displayed neatly. I was greeted by my instructor, Angie Ng, who is also the founder and Creative Director of Kelvin Gems. After helping me pick a bracelet design, the colour and the pearls, we were ready to start.

“Throughout the session, Angie gave me pointers on how to arrange the pearls together and explained the importance of using two types of wires – a nylon fishing line and a silver-plated wire – as this helps secure the pearls in case one wire breaks.

“After measuring the length of my bracelet (according to my wrist measurement), I placed the pearls on a measuring board and started arranging them. Once done, I strung the pearls together; securing the pearls was a little tricky as my hands started to sweat and I have quite fat fingers – LOL! After that, I added the hooks and looped the remaining wires back through the pearls to conceal them. Last of all, I used a flat-tipped plier to crimp the pearls together. I DID IT! After attending this class, I’ve started to value the dedication and creativity of people who produce jewellery, and I would definitely recommend this workshop to others, even as a stepping stone to start a business.”


Silversmithing, Jewelz Jewellery Studio

Reviewed by Arielle Yen, Editorial Assistant

WHERE: Block D-0-6, Plaza Damas, 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

CONTACT: +603-62013220

WEBSITE: jewelz.com.my




“I was greeted on arrival by the studio’s Director, Derek Tan, who took me step-by-step into how to master the Silversmithing Beginners Level One course. I wanted to create a silver lead pendant; the first step is to trace a leaf shape onto a sterling-silver sheet. After cutting out the shape and filing the edges, I had to measure a strip of sterling square wire for the leaf’s stem and the pendant loop to hang the chain through.

“Derek taught me how to attach the wire to the pendant by painting a substance called flux, which helped stick the metal together. Then came the fun bit where I had to use a firing torch to melt the metal, which fused the sterling wire to the pendant. I then placed the pendant in a device called a pickle that removed all the stains and scratches. Then I sandpapered the leaf using a flexible shaft (a device that looks like a drill but has sandpaper attached to it). I finished off the design carving, bending and polishing the pendant.

“Would I consider myself an expert? Far from it; silversmithing requires a lot of patience, practice and skill. However, under Derek’s guidance, I was able to create a beautiful jewellery piece that makes for a great everyday accessory.”


Handstamping Metal Jewellery, Tribal Spirit Workshop

Reviewed by Vasenta Selvanayagam, Deputy Features and Lifestyle Editor

WHERE: Lot 6-86, 6th floor, Kenanga Wholesale City, Jalan Gelugor, 55200 Kuala Lumpur

CONTACT: +6012-3128552

WEBSITE: tribalspiritworkshop.blogspot.my




“Having never attended a jewellery-making workshop before, this turned out to be an amazing experience for me! First off, I was asked to choose if I wanted a chain pendant, bracelet, earrings or a ring. Then the owners of the place Mei Lee and Lee Lin got me started right away.

“We started by drawing holes on a piece of brass plate using a ‘scribble tool’ that looks a little like a chisel. Then it was time to cut out the circular shape I had just drawn. This was a little tricky as the wire of the coping saw broke a few times as I was using too much force. But after much help from my two instructors, I managed to cut out an almost-perfect circle. Then came the filing part to make the edges of the circle smooth: I have to admit the entire process did take quite a bit of time mainly because my hands were shaky in the beginning, but after doing it for a bit, I managed to get the hang of it.

“Lastly, came the stamping of the letters, which was the most fun part. I stamped the letters FEMALE on the circle plate, and then used a Sharpie to make them more visible. It was done! And I’m definitely going back for more.”


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