If you had a rough week at work, give Konga a go to feel like you’re on top of the world again!

Source: @babel.fit

Giving Konga a go 

You might have or might not have heard about Konga before, but in line with Babel.Fit’s first-year anniversary last week, we got the chance to give this class a try.

To be honest, my friend and I signed up for this one-time class out of curiosity cos you know, #randomweekends. We Googled the workout a little bit and from the YouTube videos that were available, we gauged that it was similar to Zumba and so we said, “Let’s go!”

Source: @babel.fit

The experience

Filled with ‘80s and ‘90s jams including a bhangra song just brought out the best in all of us! Konga basically consists of dance moves, shakes, squats, twists and punches. The moves involved a lot of coordination between our hands and legs that made us sweat vehemently! There was a one-minute interval after every 5 minutes of ‘moving’ around for us to take a sip of water, but at the same time, we were advised not to sit down during this time as we might start to feel dizzy.


I don’t mind going back for this class again but the choice of songs that the instructor plays during the workout matters most. This is mainly because I’ve come to realise that since I don’t work out regularly, the beat of the music is what got me going and made me not give up halfway! Rest assured that if you’ve had a long week at work or in life, this is the class we’d recommend for you because instead of screaming and showing tantrums when you’re pissed, it makes a better way of releasing your emotions and setting you in the right frame of mind to take on the following week!

Source: @babel.fit

*Do note that at the moment, there is no Konga class available at Babel.Fit but keep a lookout on their website in the event that they introduce this class in the future.


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