#FEMALEChallenge: Rachel Goes Vegan

This month, we were challenged by reader Reese Ong Bee Bee to go vegan for a week! So four FEMALE team members will be taking turns to do a full vegan diet for a week and we can tell you now: you’re going to want to find out how we fared! Head to our Instagram page for more each week!
This week, our Special Projects Writer Rachel reports back on her attempt at a vegan week.
Rachel’s Vegan Diary:

Nasi Lemak at BMS Organics

I’ve gone meat-free for 40 days for Lent but going vegan for a week felt much more challenging. Not having dairy was really hard for me because I usually have cereal for breakfast, absolutely love cheese and meat was a huge part of my diet. But I went in not thinking about all that and decided I’d just give it a go.
I started on Monday and I messed up once that day by accidentally having tempura mushrooms with my udon. There’s egg in tempura batter!

Miso Udon and Fried Mushrooms at Ori Udon

I only managed to stay vegan till dinner because I felt extremely weak when I got back home. I decided I’d have some chicken (my mom suggested it too) and, I kid you not, I felt so much better after that.
The next few days were alright. I had salad (without cheese and croutons), Indian and Thai dishes with vegetarian meat and Chinese fried rice without egg. I did slip-up here and there during the week as I was busy with shoots and events that it didn’t cross my mind.

Protein Power Bowl at La Juceria Superfoods


Vegetarian Fried Rice, No Meat or Eggs at Saravana Bhavan

From Thursday onwards I began to feel like I couldn’t take it. I felt weaker in general and quite dehydrated but I’m not sure if that was because of the vegan challenge. Plus, it got really hard finishing my meals because it always felt as if something was missing even-though the food tasted really good. In the end, I decided to cut it short and end it on Friday after dinner.

The Verdict:

It was a fail for me, for sure, and I don’t think I will ever go back to being vegan. I wouldn’t mind going vegetarian for a while, but having no dairy is a deal-breaker for me. And I don’t think I would be able to keep forking out the money anyway. (Protein replacements like nuts and almond milk is really expensive!)
Now we want your help: share your best vegan recipe with us for a chance to win our September #FEMALEChallenge!