FEMALE Talks To: March Cover Girl, Anya Poleschuk

Get to know our March cover girl!

In her returning gig with FEMALE, 21-year-old Ukrainian model, Anya Poleschuk, dishes on the start of her career, her beauty essentials, the best part about modelling and more.

If Anya looks familiar to you, it’s because she first appeared on our July 2017 cover and also featured in the ethereal unicorn-inspired beauty spread in the same issue!

FEMALE: Where are you from?

Anya: “I’m originally from Dnipro, Ukraine. It’s a big, beautiful city that’s about six hours from Kiev, the capital, and I usually get there by train.”

Anya on the March 2019 cover.

F: How did your modelling career start?

A: “Five years ago, I met a female photographer who offered to take photos of me just for fun and I posted them on Facebook. After that, some agencies found my pictures and started sending in offers; it was great but my mother maintained that school was more important, so I didn’t take any offer up. A year later, I chanced upon another photographer and asked her to take photos of me, to which she replied, “OMG, you don’t remember me? I took pictures of you when you were nine years old!” After that, she went to Osaka, Japan, and even talked to an agency on my behalf. The agency said that they did in fact try to contact me years ago when they saw my pictures online. Isn’t that crazy? I had to explain that it was my mom who disapproved in the beginning but eventually let me go. So I went to Osaka, got my height checked and pictures taken, and was given a contract. I started modelling in Japan, then went back to Ukraine and continued on to Singapore. After my parents saw how seemingly fine it was, they were okay with it.”

Anya in our unicorn-themed beauty spread.

F: Did you manage to finish your high-school studies and are you planning on going to university?

A: “I finished high school a year ago and want to go to university, but it’s very difficult now because the exams are usually in a season like summer, which is the best time to be working in Asia and Europe. I want to study languages, management or veterinary science.”

F: Where is the furthest place that you’ve travelled to for work?

A: “It’d have to be Jakarta, Indonesia. I love the food there and the people speak English so it was refreshing after China.”

F: How long are you usually travelling for?

A: “It’s usually three or four months before I move from one country to the next, and it could be a total of six to eight months until I get to go home!”

Anya on the July 2017 cover.

F: What are your beauty must-haves?

A: “The Bioderma cleansing water, Clinique moisturiser and some Korean products. I don’t like to use a lot of makeup because after doing a lot of photo shoots, I think my skin just needs to breathe.”

F: What do you do to relax?

A: “I’ll go for a massage, head to the cinema, chill with my friends and catch up on sleep.”

F: The best part about being a model is…

A: “…getting to travel to many places, make new friends and meet lots of interesting characters!”

From the print edition.