You Won’t Believe These Shoes Are From Bata

Your go-to school shoe shop is going stylo milo! Check out some of the Bata shoes that were recently launched.

Fashion trip!

When we were invited to go to the Bata Fashion Weekend in Prague in the Czech Republic recently, we had so many questions! Bata? Fashion? Why Prague? What angle can we do about shoes from Bata?

The answers we got surprised us. We were told that Bata wants to become more trend-based because it’s now got a design centre in one of the world’s major fashion destinations, Italy. And did you know that Bata originated in Prague? We were as surprised are you are. Most people we met at the event, including media from around the world, thought that Bata was from their own respective countries!

Comfy AND chic

In fact, the brand is adopting a whole new manifesto, which you can explore in the video below:

We want these!

As to what angle we could find at the event, considering we were looking for a fashion story, well, the Fashion Weekend had it all. A runway show, a performance by one of Europe’s coolest acts, a touch-and-feel exhibition of the latest collection, and even special discounts on a shopping trip to the brand’s biggest store in the world! We’ve got more news and pictures and an interview with a very important man at Bata in an upcoming print issue of FEMALE, but first, check out what they launched in our gallery below.

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