Yoke & Theam Has Revamped Their Serena Sandals

The local footwear brand’s best-selling sandals gets a makeover and a new colour.


Photo: Yoke & Theam

Local footwear designer Yoke & Theam has always been raising the bar on sandal making in our local fashion industry. With their sporty sandals a favourite among the locals, the brand has decided to give their best-selling sandals, Serena, a makeover.

The sporty camouflage sandals that comes in burgundy and grey will now be joined with a new colourway, Oxford Blue. The sandal will still remain in it’s sporty silhouette form but the tweaks that has been done is the raised angles, all-black rubber soles (which used to be white soles) and contoured inner soles for the extra comfort from all the walking. The signature metal buckle on the sandal is here to stay, don’t worry.


Photo: Yoke & Theam

Since athleisure and casual wear are totally in trend, the newly revamped Serena sandals is a must-have for the Summer. Pair it off with a simple dress or distressed jeans, or maybe sporty leggings for that comfortable yet stylish look.

The new Serena sandals will be sold exclusively at ZALORA mid this month. In the meantime, the old Serena is now on sale on their website.

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